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    Naka Sauvignon Chenin Blanc

    Naka Cabernet Shiraz

    Maya Shiraz

    Maya Sauvignon Blanc

    Maya Rose

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    Sol de Chile


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About Us

Naka Wines is a Bangalore-based company that produces wines from high quality French grapes grown in Bijapur, Karnataka. The wines are tried and tested by an extremely skilled team from several of the world’s leading wineries. Since its inception in 2006, Naka Wines has launched its first vintage in April 2007. Naka Wines also gives you a taste of some of the finest international wines by importing them into India. Sol de Chile, a top Chilean wine for instance, is available in the Indian market through Naka Wines.

Naka Cabernet Shiraz Maya Rose Maya Sauvignon Blanc Maya Shiraz Naka Sauvignon Chenin Blanc